When the Hospital Is Boss Thats Where Doctors Patients Go

3Why did hospitals binge-buy doctor practices in recent years?

To improve care coordination, lower costs and upgrade patient experiences, say hospitals. To raise costs, gain pricing power and steer patient referrals, say skeptics.

Researchers at Stanford University tested those opposing arguments by comparing referral patterns between independent doctors and those working for hospitals.

Ownership by a hospital “dramatically increases” odds that a doctor will admit patients there instead of another, nearby hospital, they found. Worse, from the viewpoint of reformers, it boosts chances that patients will go to higher-cost, lower-quality hospitals.

“One of the things that was most surprising to me about the paper was the quality and cost effect,” said economist Laurence Baker, one of the authors.

While not as pronounced as doctors’ hospital referral pattern, the findings that hospital-physician ownership hurts care quality “head in the direction that might make us concerned,” he said.

The findings were published in August by the National Bureau of Economic Research.

The report is not the final word. More research is needed, the authors say. The 2009 Medicare data they used don’t reflect substantial quality improvements made in many hospitals since then, said Caroline Steinberg, vice president of trends analysis

The Last Gasp of Fee For Service

1Medicare is going in multiple directions at once. On the one hand, it is trying hard to move away from fee-for-service payments to doctors, where each tiny service has its own code and its own payment, and instead, toward more bundled payment or even payment of a fixed amount per person per month to accountable care organizations. On the other hand, the government just proposed, in response to pressure from organized physicians, a new code and a new doctor payment in traditional Medicare for end-of-life counseling. Somewhat oddly, Medicare will currently pay for such a session, as soon as you go on Medicare, but (thankfully, perhaps) few 65-year-olds are expecting an end to their life anytime soon. And so the benefit often goes begging. The new rules would allow you to claim the benefit anytime you feel you need it.

Payment for such advice revives the debate during the passage of the Affordable Care Act about so-called “death panels,” and predictably, lawyers have been weighing in with fears that counseling can turn into pressure to avoid costly care, a benefit to Medicare and the taxpayers, but not necessarily to seniors. But this debate may be

How to Pick the Right Medicare Part D Plan for You

2If you’re just reaching Medicare age, you might be surprised to find out that traditional Medicare doesn’t cover prescription drugs. As drug costs rose, Congress created a Medicare drug insurance program, called Medicare Part D, which went into effect in 2006.

To take advantage of that program, offered by private insurers, Medicare beneficiaries have to choose a drug plan every year, unless they have a Medicare Advantage plan that includes drug coverage or are covered through a former employer.

Plans vary by state, but most Americans have more than 25 plans to choose from, each offering different premiums, alliances with certain pharmacies and varying coverage amounts for the same drugs. That makes choosing the best plan for a particular individual a challenge.

“There are a lot of plans offered for every individual to pick from. It is complicated,” says Jack Hoadley, a research professor at Georgetown University’s Health Policy Institute. “The differences among plans can be hard to sort out. For those who aren’t Web-savvy, it’s even harder.”

Plans for 2016 will be revealed Oct. 1 on the Medicare.gov website, and participants have from Oct. 15 to Dec. 7 to

Combat Stress and Anxiety With Aromatherapy

Hectic modern lifestyle is the main cause of many lifestyle disorders like anxiety and stress. Most of these health issues have temporary solutions, as pills can only give short-term relief. You cannot leave everything and shift to countryside for getting relief from stress and anxiety and those expensive counselling sessions and medications can rip apart your whole budget. This is certainly not how you should spend your hard earned money. In case, you are tired of eating those pills and attending counseling sessions then you can try some natural treatments. Natural treatments like aromatherapy can offer significant relief within few days and even scientistific studies have approved the effectiveness of aromatherapy. So, if you are suffering from lifestyle disorders like anxiety and stress then do try aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy has been used for healing many types of disorders, for a long time. In early times, this therapy was popular and people of almost every culture across the globe used aromatherapy for medicinal purpose. However, as new medicinal inventions came into existence, allopathic medicines became more popular and people forgot about these highly effectual natural treatments. These natural treatments are not just effective but are also safe, as they do not have any

Benefits of Ayurvedic Medicines and Products

Since ancient times, mankind has been using nature as a source to cure various diseases and illness. Even Ramayana , Indian ancient epic ,has a chapter where “Sanjivani herb” is mentioned as a life saving medicine to cure Laxmana, younger brother of Lord Rama.. Ayurveda is an ancient practice of health improvement and care. It is based on the concept of achieving a balance in our body by considering three aspects – diet, treatments using natural herbs and yoga practices. There are numerous practices which are being followed for the well-being of humans all across the globe, but Ayurveda is considered to be amongst the best. As only natural ingredients are used in treatment, it does not have any side effects.

Though there are numerous benefits of Ayurvedic medicines, a few are listed below:

Prevents Diabetes

Today’s lifestyle has led to many life threatening diseases. One of serious ailment is Diabetes. It can lead to heart attacks, brain strokes, damage to the eyes and even failure of kidneys. In a nutshell, almost all critical body organs are badly affected. A balanced diet, regular exercise and proper use of Ayurvedic medicines can help control and even prevent it to a large extent.

Remedies for Skin

Medical Marijuana Program of California

In Southern California, traffic often restricts a day’s deliveries to about a dozen. Here to you easy buy doctor recommended treatment medical marijuana California  is best services in California.

California has always been an active state when it came to Medical Marijuana California or any other drug related study and action. This is why California is considered as one of the best states in United States in terms of drug management. To deal with cases related to marijuana, Medical Marijuana California program was established a few years ago in California.

MMP or the Medical Marijuana Program was launched specifically so that the state California can manage the addicted people in a better way. They decided that they should create an identification card for medical marijuana. They decided to call this card MMIC or medical marijuana identification card. The cards used to help in updating the database so that the law agencies along with the normal public can easily identify people who are medical marijuana California certified. The verification website is still available and people in California still use the site for many reasons.

How can you apply for a medical marijuana California card? This is tricky because the MMIC will always identify the

Foods that Fight Fall Allergies by Beth A Stevens

The foods you eat can make a big difference as well. Try including foods from the following list to help fight fall allergy symptoms.

If you are suffering from fall allergies, ragweed is probably the culprit. According to WebMD, “three out of four people who are allergic to pollen are allergic to ragweed.” There are 17 different varieties of this allergen that grow in North America and cause a wide range of symptoms from coughing, sneezing and congestion to itchy eyes, postnasal drip and even asthma attacks. The problem is that one ragweed plant can produce a mind-boggling one billion grains of pollen. These pollen grains have been found as far as two miles high in the atmosphere and hundreds of miles out to sea. The good news is while ragweed is pretty much unavoidable; there is plenty you can do to help mitigate the plant’s effects. For instance when at home, keep windows shut and run the air conditioner. This will help lower humidity which will in turn lower the growth of mold, which can aggravate allergy symptoms. Using a HEPA filter is also helpful. When coming in from being outside, wash your face and hands, and change into fresh

Snakebite Victims in Africa Lack Needed Antivenom Researcher Says

There is an urgent need for better and more accessible snakebite treatments in Africa, which cause thousands of deaths each year, researchers argue.

Recently, the antivenom manufacturer Sanofi-Pasteur made headlines when it said it would stop producing the snakebite treatment. But even before this announcement, experts note that the product didn’t reach many of the people bitten by snakes in Africa, said David Williams, head of the Australian Venom Research Unit at the University of Melbourne, writing in the editorial. “The reality is that for the vast majority of Africa’s snakebite victims, the loss of Sanofi’s antivenom will mean little, if anything at all,” Williams wrote.

The antivenom was too expensive, and the company made only enough to meet the needs of a small number of bite victims in Africa, he said.

Between 900,000 and 1.5 million people in sub-Saharan Africa are bitten by snakes each year, according to the estimates of a study published in 2011 in the journal Toxicon. Researchers estimate that up to 25,000 people in the region die from snakebites per year.

“Most people are unaware that snakebite is a very real and serious threat both to the health and economic vitality of rural communities throughout much of the developing world,”

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